Outgoing research projects and collaborations:

Heart regeneration with transplanted human cardiomyocytes on non-human primates (collaboration with the ISCRM, Dr. Murry).

This project is focused on the restoration of the structure and function of the infarcted heart of non-human primates using human stem cell derived cardiomyocytes. We have shown partial remuscularization of the infarcted macaque heart and durable improvement in left ventricular function.

Development of new technology for quantification of myocardial fibrosis (Naumova, Yarnykh).

The ultimate goal of the proposed research is to enhance endogenous contrast between healthy myocardial tissue and fibrotic zones using recently developed MRI method primarily sensitive to macromolecular proton fraction (MPF).

Anna Naumova

Vasily Yarnykh

New MRI technology for visualization of myocardial infarction (Haining Liu; Greg Wilson, Chun Yuan).

Aim of this project is to develop new fast CMRI method called 3D True Polarity Recovery with Independent Phase Estimation Using Multi-layer Stacks Based Region-Growing (3D-TRIPS) for direct reconstruction of 3D phase sensitive images without need for a separate reference scan.

Greg Wilson

Haining Liu

Chun Yuan

MRI contrast agents (Greg Wilson, Jinnan Wang).

To characterize transverse relaxation in oxygenated whole blood with extracellular gadolinium-based contrast reagents by experiment and simulation..

Greg Wilson

Jinnan Wang

Myocardial perfusion (Bill Kerwin, Anna Naumova)

The goal of this effort is to develop an intuitive but physiologically meaningful method for quantifying myocardial perfusion by CMRI and to test its ability to detect global myocardial differences in animal models of human cardiac diseases.

Bill Kerwin

Anna Naumova