Contact information:
Phone: (206) 897-1312

Dr. Jinnan Wang is an Affiliate Associate Professor working for the University of Washington, Department of Radiology. Dr. Wang's research focuses on Novel MRI methods development, Cardiovascular Imaging, MRI motion correction, MRI Contrast, and Clinical Translation. Through his 15 years of research in medical imaging, Dr. Wang has contributed more than 10 international patents, many of which have been either commercialized or licensed for commercial use. Dr. Wang has also authored 40+ journal publications and 100+ meeting abstracts/presentations.

List of key publications (excerpted from 40+ journal publications):

1) Joint blood and cerebrospinal fluid suppression for intracranial vessel wall MRI. J Wang, M Helle, Z Zhou, P Börnert, TS Hatsukami, C Yuan. Magnetic resonance in medicine; 2016; 75 (2), 831-838.

2) Simultaneous noncontrast angiography and intraplaque hemorrhage (SNAP) imaging for carotid atherosclerotic disease evaluation J Wang, P Börnert, H Zhao, DS Hippe, X Zhao, N Balu, MS Ferguson, C Yuan, W.S. Kerwin. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2013; 69 (2), 337-345.

3) Enhanced image quality in black‐blood MRI using the improved motion‐sensitized driven‐equilibrium (iMSDE) sequence J Wang, VL Yarnykh, C Yuan. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2010; 31 (5), 1256-1263.

4) Improved carotid intraplaque hemorrhage imaging using a slab‐selective phase‐sensitive inversion‐recovery (SPI) sequence J Wang, MS Ferguson, N Balu, C Yuan, TS Hatsukami, P Börnert. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2010; 64 (5), 1332-1340.

5) Improved suppression of plaque‐mimicking artifacts in black‐blood carotid atherosclerosis imaging using a multislice motion‐sensitized driven‐equilibrium (MSDE) turbo spin‐echo (TSE) sequence. J Wang, VL Yarnykh, T Hatsukami, B Chu, N Balu, C Yuan.Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 2007; 58 (5), 973-981.